Accounting details won't accept A/P account

Never mind; I figured it out! Had to do a little googling as well as poking through the docs to find out the syntax (what the fields mean, what the parameters are, etc).

Turns out

cur_frm.set_query(“default_account”, “accounts”, function(doc) {
filters: {
“is_group”: 0

works exactly how I needed it.

Now the only question is, if I choose an A/R or A/P type account, will ERPNext figure out that I want it to reference the Party selected in the invoice? If not, submit will fail (and it does). I’ve asked rmehta about this in a separate thread.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I guess this issue can be closed.

I should clarify that I CAN submit the invoice successfully, but ONLY if I first uncheck the POS box. But I don’t think that does what I want. For one thing, it debits the wrong account, not the one I specify in the line items. It debits the “debit to” acount instead, so I end up having to change that field instead.