Add Attachment as Image to Custom Print Format

Hi all, I’d like to be able to add an image (or multiple images) that are attached to a Sales Order to a Custom Print Format. I’ve setup the Custom Print Format but I don’t know the “tags” or references which the attached images have to call them into the report via HTML. So for a printing company where we receive images of what the customer wants printed I’d like to output these images onto the Sales Order printout.

Can anyone help me with this?

If necessary I can link to web images - can’t upload here due to being a new user.



Can you show an example in a screen shot indicating how you want the images to be displayed in print.


Sure. So Sales Order 00002 has 2 images attached like so:

One is a pitcure of a jellyfish and the other is a PDF with the jellyfish and some text.

When I print the Sales Order I want it to include the two attached documents in the print - eg:

Hey Guys, Any help on this one? Being a printing company this would be typical of customer proofing type work and the sort of thing you need for a Sales Order custom print.