Add column to list view


Here is an image that shows the columns that I can currently see when I look at the time log list:

I’d like to add “employee name” as another column. This will help me with other lists as well.

How can I add a column to the list view?

Also, how can I add a totals row to the report?

thank you!!

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1.Go to respective doc type
2. open that doc type
3.those field you want to show in List view -
4.go to that field name -open that and tick mark inside “In List View” checkbox form

if you want to Add totals row in Report then,
1.Go to Report list one of the report
3.there is checkbox for “Add Total Row” .just check it and save it

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.




Thanks but I checked “in list view” and nothing about my list view changed.

Also, it seems the most recent version does not have “add total row,” at least not in the time log report.

Do I need to make a custom script?


You will have to uncheck some field from list view (there is only limited space)

Yeah you can make script report.

Hi rmehta,

Thanks. The problem was the limited space. I was not aware. I would suggest mentioning the limited space factor somewhere in the manual whenever there is time for that.

@sofia sure! You can raise an issue here: