Add custom fields to user doctype

We’re trying to add a custom field to the user doctype. Specifically, we’re using company email addresses as primary, but we’d like to add a secondary email address to handle things like password resets.

At the moment, when we try to customize the User doctype, we get the error “Core DocTypes cannot be customized.” Is there a different way we should be approaching this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @peterg,

the customisation of core doctypes is limited. However, the workaround that will work is to create your custom app and then manually add fixtures for the core doctype. Migrate the fixture and it will work.

Refer also to Frappe Core DocTypes can't be customized in Version 11 - #9 by lasalesi

Hope this helps.


Thanks @lasalesi. Your answer is very helpful, though I wish there were an easier way! We’re trying as much as possible to avoid custom code, and so the in-app custom field process has been really great. I am not sure why it was removed from some doctypes.