Add_fetch using frappe.ui.form.on instead of cur_frm

How I do the work of add_fetch using frappe.ui.form.on instead of using cur_frm? What arguments I have to pass for frappe.ui.form.on to be able to handle the event in case of selecting a field (the same work of add_fetch)?
Also, what is the website that enable me to search for frappe functions documentation (for example, I need to know all the usage of frappe.ui.form.on and the usage of cur_frm, where I can find a manual for this)?

Thanks for the kindly help in advance.

Start here though I don’t think that it’s all updated to V8 at this time (but I’d be happy to be wrong).
As for your fetch question, I’m also interested in the answer.

Here is a good example of how you’re supposed to do it now:

Wonderful and thanks a lot for your kindly reply.
I would to understand some points related to the above code if possible please:

  • Why the Training Feedback placed between two single quotes and not between two double quotes (why it is written as ‘Training Feedback’ and not as “Training Feedback”)?

  • And why it is written in the above shape and not written as below:

frappe.ui.form.on(‘Training Feedback’, ‘onload’, function(frm) {


To answer your first question, JavaScript allows strings to be represented by single or double quotes.

As for the second question, there is more than one way to write that function. The way shown in training_event.js is typically used when there are several event functions to declare.