Add multi items manually

i want to customize a field in sales order form " when i chose value i need to add multi items manually in items table"
How i can do that??

Use excel to upload the item list

write a custom script.

I have items but i want to add multi items manually to items table in sales invoice or sales order when i chose value from my customized field

Still not able to understand what you’re trying to achieve

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when i make sales order there is a table in form to add items one by one i want to add more than one items as a bundle

Did you try the “add row” button?

yes , but when i need to add for example 10 items with one click

i want to make customize field with selected values when i chose a value items add manually without using “add item” button

That is not available currently and not an easy customization from the GUI.

Easiest way is to use excel upload item table.

Or If your talking about product bundle then you can use product bundle which is a different concept.

am tried using item bundle but when i make invoice and chose the bundle that i want i want to print all of items in bundle with its prices

is there any help?

You need to get it customized.

Need a proper logic behind to fetch the items.

you will need to create a custom script

but there is no example to add items row when i make any event in any field.


thanks dear
i will send you later example with pictures for my problem to understand it clearly

simply copy(ctrl + C) the records from Excel or tab delimited text file,
then paste(ctrl + V) it to the items table!

for more details check this PR

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