Administrator's Guide Take 1

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I am pleased to announce v0.1 of the ERPNext Administrator’s Guide. It is located in my personal GitHub area at GitHub - jwrober/erpnext_admin_guide: ERPNext Administrators Guide

I have converted a good amount of the original LibreOffice Writer document (converted to PDF in the first dicsuss conversation) to GitHub Markdown.

At this time a base introduction and the installation, upgrade and backups sections are for the most part feature complete.

I will continue to add more meat to the rest of the table of contents as time permits over the next month or so. My business slows down during the US Holiday period between Thanksgiving and Christmas so I will have some time to continue on this effort.

However, I wanted to open this up to the community. If you are interested in helping me maintain the guide, please PM me and we can get you added to the repo as a contributor.



This is excellent news, thank you James!

Great initiative. There is another thread on scaling with server specific configuration details that could perhaps be added here.


If you can help me find it and add an issue for it here: Issues · jwrober/erpnext_admin_guide · GitHub that would be helpful

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