After painful Upgrade V.12 > V.13: Error upon login

It took me only 8 attempts (including restoring the VM a couple of times) and a whole day to get the update to go through - most of the time I got the “uncommitted changes in frappe app” error which was a lie: Uninstalling the custom theming_tool app helped big time, after that I only had to apply the “cannot pickle module objects” solution from this thread here: Update fails - TypeError: can't pickle module objects

After dancing through the office a couple of rounds because of the success after that struggle, I was back to earth pretty quickly. Some of my customizations and my local translations are gone, and I get this error here straight after I login (as Administrator, there are no other users yet), and sometimes I get it when I go back to the desk too.

I already found the logs, but I would be glad if you could give me any hints in which file to look and what to search for. A first glance in the most recent log files did not show anything that caught my eye.
During the update I got one error a couple of times, which was asking for node V.10 instead of the available V.8. I tried updating that but there was no update available, it told me.

Can you post the console output?

No longer, sorry. That was yesterday, and at some point I simply had to leave work after so many hours, that’s why I only posted here today.
If and when I have the time I could revive the VM backup and go through the whole process again. Since I know the one working way for my upgrade, it shouldn’t take me another day :wink:

What I can tell you is that the attempt to upgrate node responded with “is already the latest version available” or something along these lines.

Update: I just took the time and gave it another run, and it must have been sheer luck that it went through this one time. All I did was:

bench uninstall-app theming_tool
bench remove-app theming_tool
bench update --reset
bench update
bench switch-to-branch version-13 --upgrade

And at that point I got these errors:

I am seriously tired of it after yesterday’s struggle. It’s a holiday tomorrow over here in Germany, Friday’s off for me as well, which means a nice and long weekend, plus working out of house on Monday… I have enough time to cool off and gather new courage for the next fight. Cheers, tc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


sudo npm install -g yarn

Ok, here I am again. Thank you for your reply, @Suresh_Thakor. I have to ask back to clarify though: Do you want me to install/update yarn on the old V.12 box before the update (I assume), because it did not help when I executed the command on the already updated V.13 VM?

I faced issue in Mac OS. then tried below step to resolved.

downgrade node version to node@10

Then run

bench setup requirements
bench build --force

OK, sadly that didn’t help. I still use the offered pre-installed virtual machine with Ubuntu 18.04 and ERPNext installed, and that one doesn’t even have brew installed. Also I’d have to upgrade node from V.8.something to V.10.

To sum it up: Time’s running into the third day of work and I still did not manage to get a fully working upgrade to V.13. Frustration is creeping in here.

hi @mwrsa

I had almost the same issue while upgrading node from 12 to 14 as I am using the develop branch.

could you try the below (of course substitute 14 with your required version…GitHub - nodesource/distributions: NodeSource Node.js Binary Distributions )

sudo apt-get purge nodejs
sudo rm -r  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nodesource.list
curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

for added measure update yarn as well

once that is done… you could do the bench update

Sorry to say: This again brought up new trouble. Especially version issues between nodejs and node-sass, then yarn and whatnot.

Though I seem to have broken through the endless circle of trial and error. Using this guide here:

I managed fairly easily to get a new and clean install of ERPNext V.13 up and running. It was almost scary how effortlessly it worked, considering all the issues I had with the first install attempts in January and now the upgrades.
I will no longer try to get a solution on this thread here, but rather move on with adapting V.13 now.
But I will need a working upgrade functionality as soon as we have introduced this into our production. So I might have to worry about this again when V.14 is a thing.

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