After Update the "Amount" not changes when rate or qty Update'

A problem is coming that the amount field in the child table is not getting updated When we are changing the rate and quantity, the amount is not changing.

This happening in all the doctypes: Purchase Invoice, Purchase Order, Delivery Note, Sales Invoice, Sales Order etc.
And there is no client script or server script inside it.

Also did the latest update by running the command “bench update --reset”

I have attached the video link below please check.

Thank You.

Hi @falah123,

PR is merged, and the upcoming v15 update will resolve your issue without any customization or override.

Please let us know when shall we expect the PR resolution.
Also, we wish to be notified of this resolution so we shall update our bench.

Updates to version 15 arrive every week. So I think after two or three days, its update will come.

Hi @falah123,

New version has been released now, so please update your version and check it.

Thank you, it works perfectly, I had made another post related to the webshop module,
Any updates on this post.

Already I said

Yes you have said, I am just asking you when will this resolved.

No idea.