Aisle Row and Bins in warehouse

We want to implement Aisle, row and bins in ERP. Is there a way in ERPNext to do it?




You can use warehouse tree and define hierarchy similar to what you are expecting.

@Pawan I though about it. But the problem is that the amount of warehouse that needs to be created manually are enormous. If I have 5 aisles, 5 rows in each aisle and 10 bins in each row it makes it 250 warehouses under the main warehouse. There should be a better way to define a bin.

Amit, I did a brief video demo on this (for a total new comer to ERPNext, so you’re likely familiar with these concepts).
Pawan’s approach is correct, I would recommend creating your whole tree in Excel and importing it that way.
One of the challenges with the Aisle/ Bin approach is that you end up with duplicate names (if you have five aisles you have five bin #1). So you should build your naming schema in manually: “Aisle 1 Bin 1”.

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