All New Gantt in ERPNext

Generally more interested in kanban here but must admit looks as if you have put some nice new features in the gantt view.

@netchampfaris If you say “new” does that mean this will be coming with the 7.1 release"?

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Looks great! MUCH better functionality than than the current setup. Thanks Frappe!

Will it show task dependencies visually? That’s one thing I miss coming from other project management software.

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Task dependency is coming soon :slight_smile:


Seems to be, as all gantt-related commits were merged into develop branch.

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not sure whether that is technicaly related but from the top of my (non-developer) head … would it make any sense to lean the code for @alec_ruizramon1 's kanban App on this or vice versa?

on the other hand … he’s maybe too advanced in his project to even think of such

@vrms (and others as well)… here is my schedule.

I’m working to get the analytics app cleaned up a bit and tests written. Once this is stable and done, I can pick up Kanban. I expect that to be within a week.

I still haven’t decided how to proceed with some of the implementation details. That’s the most important thing to get right - otherwise any changes become very expensive.

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@netchampfaris might start working on a more native UI for Kanban in a week or so. Will be great to use your app as a starting point. Would be great if you can collaborate on the project too!

is @netchampfaris an Employee of Frappe Pvt.?

Yeah … sorry have not updated the about page in a while!

would it be an idea to tag Frappe employees as such in here? I think that would make things a bit clearer at times whether you new that a discussant was an Employee

@vrms I don’t think that should matter. Everyone here is a community member

Edit: if anyone wants to share their bios, they should be free to do so in their bios

Edit 2: thinking of which, we would also love to know more about you, @vrms since you are so active in the community :smile:


I don’t mean it in a way to give “higher value” so to speak to anyone over others. Just would make things clearer t times for everyone I think.

you mean whether or not I am a Frappe Employee?

joking aside … I’ll put something in my bio sometime if you’re curious … Can’t make it to the conference unfortunately though

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@rmehta @netchampfaris Definitely! The whole front-end needs a big refactor, it could be a lot cleaner - I’d be happy to do that to start with (or any other part of the project!).


Awesome :slight_smile:

I was checking out the new gantt view and it truly is a big step forward from the previous one.
I usually use the Gantt chart in week view, so I was wondering if it is possible to change the default view of the Gantt chart from Day to Week.

@netchampfaris, this looks awesome. I know I’m going to get some great use out of this feature once 7.1 is released.

I noticed that the doctypes that are supported are ones with a Start and End date, but it’s not quite clear if some documents would fit. I’m specifically thinking of Material Requests and Purchase Orders, whose “Start Date” is when it is created and the End date would be the “Required By” field based on each item in their tables.

I think it would be awesome to be able to do a Gannt chart for one of these docs and see each item broken down with when they are required. This could cascade into seeing when Production Orders are scheduled so that you can see how late deliveries would affect production schedule, etc.

Would it be possible to use the current Gantt framework to look at documents where the start and end dates are contained in child tables (or one of the dates in the parent doc and the other in the child table field)?

Thanks for the great work!


@Ben_Cornwell_Mott It is tricky when child tables are involved :sweat_smile:, but it is possible, I think.

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one question…

If I move tasks that other tasks depend on - why are the depending tasks not moving

so if
“Montage” depends on “RE chnung”
and I move “RE chnung”
why is “Montage” not moving forward?

It definitely looks much nicer, but it is still lacking a lot of functionality to be actually useful as a dynamic planning tool (right now it is more of an alternative view of tasks).

It would be nice if certain task (with multiple dependencies) could be marked as “milestones” with a special visibility. Related to this, it would be nice if there were task groups (or sub-tasks) that could be collapsed. Then the overall task should be shown with the earliest start date and the last end date of all included tasks.

Sorting after priority and end date would be also helpful and maybe there could be some way of color-coding tasks?

In the log run (but I guess that would require significant code changes) it would be awesome if there was an option to generate “baselines” i.e. snapshots of earlier planning stages that can be compared to the current time plan to identify common bottlenecks or planning mistakes etc.

P.S.: Sorting after “subject” and “name” is kind of redundant no?

P.P.S.: Filters are great, but could the fields have a automatic drop-down list of possible items?

I agree it is lacking a lot of features, lets start by creating issues per feature :slight_smile: