Any APP for mobile barcode scanner

Is it any app like bellow Odoo app (mERP) for warehouse management with MC40 or other mobile barcode scanner in ERPNEXT ?


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The feature of barcode scanning is available, you should be able to any type of scanner. For more info see these link.

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do you know whether the Android app of ERPnext supports using built in Android barcode scanners?
Also is there any reference what kind of barcodes are supported in ERPNext?
Can QR codes used as well?

@vrms barcode scanners are dealt as an external data entry so it would be available in any type of programs / software its not app / software dependent…

i am using right now mobilecom barcode scanner which is running android with erpnext app…

@ramielian can you explain a little about your workflow with mobilecom and ERPnext?

@tkhamdan what we use the mobilecom device ( is mainly for fast stock entries or fast POS actions, the device is only used to fast enter the barcode instead of manual entries; it is the same device used by many chain stores for stock reconciliation / audit…

sorry maybe I wasn’t clear enough … what I wanted to mention is the fact that any mobile phone IS a barcode scanner practically and my question was whether this capability can be utilized with ERPNext.


@vrms & @tkhamdan there is no actual option for now, but in many cases people were to add open source codes to the POS or barcode fields to enable barcode scanning using phone camera using the following:


@ramielian thanks for the quick responses. Seems there are several well supported open source options in .js that would provide scanning and item ids. We do not have a use for POS. I’m going to explore the use case of scanning whole PINVs to reconcile POs and PRECs as that shit gets very repetitive.

Have you used scanning to create Items in your app?

@tkhamdan what i meant in my reply that you can just add it to anywhere because all of them use post form method to get the data from the scanner to the fields, see this video for more explanation:

too much reply , but no body understand what i ask , i ask any app for mobile barcode scanner like motorola MC40 or Zebra MC3200 , so easily can to inventory management , Goods receipt for purchase order , General good receipt , Product info , … ?
check bellow link for example one Odoo app with this feature :

@neginy there is a lot of apps but none i know of is compatible with ERPnext like what you have shown…

but it is easily done using the android app of ERPnext but it will be online no offline features yet…

plan for full intergration

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@neginy,did you get solution for mobile barcode scanner issue?

I might add that the option to add images on the fly Is a good feature as well. There are a few apps like this available that will export to csv. Good luck all!

Did you find a way for this for the stock reconciliation?

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