Any way of overriding default doctype with custom ones from custom apps?


A company I work for wants some customization exclusive to their business model, which leads to some awkward updates involving redoing the whole thing.

I realise how powerful hooks are in erpnext, and how they can be used to override entire methods or classes of a particular doctype. My question here is, that is it possible to take the customization on some of the default doctypes, and be able to implement it as a custom application in order for issues to pop up everytime erpnext is updated.

I tried googling, and also browsing the forums for my particular use case, to no avail. Most drastic changes are often just integrated to the app itself, and the change in question at the moment is some 3 doctypes, with new linked fields in course and fee category, a couple of api methods as well as minor tweaks to the existing program enrollment doctype. I don’t imagine every business out there would embrace the company’s approach, which is to use sales invoice generation instead of generating fee structure.

Any way I can pack all the changes to a nice little application and make it change proof after each patch?

Check this, it may help.

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