Anyone can share their exercise to learn how things work in erpnext


I need exercises to help me learn how things work in erpnext

  1. troubleshooting
  2. adding functionality
  3. removing functionality
  4. minor ui changes

also is there like a live chat like irc or something similarf



The docs are good Introduction

This may help also Tips and Tricks for Debugging in the Frappe Framework | by Manas Solanki | Frappe Thoughts | Medium

Check for error traces in the bench start output or your browser console.

That depends on the complexity of the task you wish to accomplish. Sometimes only a few changes in the doctype form can get your work done. Other times you may have to write JS and/or Python code. If you can list some cases, I can write you a better reply.

I’m not sure what you mean but what kind of changes. Adding or removing fields /buttons ? Or is it something changing CSS ?

I’ve included some more tips on this post of mine. Read it : Suggestions for new users for making good posts on forums