[App] ERPNext Full-Size View for all (e.g. Reports, Gant Charts, etc)

Hi @Jason_Lin

Go to your server-console and change the directory to


then run:

$ bench get-app https://github.com/libracore/fullsize
$ bench install-app fullsize
$ bench migrate
$ bench restart

…and have fun :wink:


I’ve just updated the app.
From now on, the function can be called via a list element and no longer via an ugly button :wink:


just pull the new version from


THank you for your reply. Didnt know erpnext had such feature

I really want this on the hosted version of ERPNext. ERPNext Team, can you allow that?


Any conceivable feature is possible as long as someone takes the time and programs it :wink:



I got an issue. How do I install it to my site.

sudo bench install-app fullsize --site mydomain

I get an error that --site is not an option.


You use an wrong synthax.

Correct is:

Sudo bench --site myDomain install-app fullsize

But --site is not required if you have just one site :wink:

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I see… haha

havent touched the terminal for a long time

thanks :slight_smile:

Got it working… Thank you so much for this great plug in.

I am going to study your code and try to make the fonts bigger

Youre welcome…

Hope you will like it :slight_smile:

That should not be a big problem, you can also create an issue (feature request) on github, for example for settings like font size.

So i could implement the feature for all users of fullsize…

Created an issue in github :slight_smile:

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Great. Maybe you can answer my question on github, then i will check it this evening…

Just had a chance to test. It really helps the UI. Excellent idea to place the Full-size/Normal-size toggle in the user drop down menu.
+1 for the option to enlarge the font by a size when in full-size view.

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@Jason_Lin @System19

I’ve implemented your feature request with release v1.1.0

Go in your server-console to directory



$ sudo git pull upstream master

Change directory to



$ sudo bench migrate
$ sudo bench restart

And have fun :slight_smile:

The soloution is at the moment not perfect, if you change to the listview of another doctype, you have to resize the screen again to set the new font-size. But except this, it works fine :slight_smile:

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Just amazing :slight_smile:
Thank you again.

One Issue is that the fonts in table does not increase.
See screenshot

Oh, right! I will fix it :wink:

Can you please send a pull request for this?

Hi @jai_kejriwal
Of course I could make a PR. But my solution works very dynamically at runtime. Super as an addon, but as an integration in the base, the source code should still be modified. Dont you think so?

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@joelios Seems to be popular and configurable and hence my suggestion but am not sure about architectural considerations.

Is this available to use in ERPNext Cloud / hosted yet?