App Packaging for development and distribution

What is the best way to maintain an APP?

a Checkout app from git and install
b change code py , js etc, edit models interactivly, building tests
c dump models ?
d commit back to repo

Specifically I mean step c: It seems the dump is created only the creating a (custom) DocType the first time.

Generally, how should I package an app so that it can be eaily given to another installation with bench (in dev or prod mode)?

hey @Bob, all Frappe apps are meant to be production ready! “Custom” DocTypes are created in the database directly, hence the dump. If DocTypes are made directly under custom apps, they have their DocTypes with their respective *.js, *.py, *.json which can be shipped directly in the project.

Also, is a good guide for a production setup. Also, if you find anything else useful not mentioned in the guide, be sure to add to it! :stuck_out_tongue:


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