Arabic Translation

Hiii. ERPNext team…
When I am translating from English to Arabic using ERPnext translator I noted the followings:
1- Text box which assigned to Arabic translation always view witting direction from left to right. This makes wrong translation, so please set the default direction right to left.
2- Some words should not be translated to Arabic as in Arabic has no meaning, so these word must be in English to get the perfect translation.
Awaiting your reply.
Best regards and I am ready to provide any support for ERPNext project.

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@KanchanChauhan please take a look at this.

you can follow these steps to do what you want :

It is working for me


Thanks Mohammed for your help.
Where are you from? I am from Libya and have the pleasure to communicate with you.
But this just working on my self hosted. I need to translate on ERPNext Translator to share translation with others and make some help.
Best regards,

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@Mohammed_Redha @dufani1
There’s an easier way to do RTL without writing any python code

if you change the language from English to Arabic frappe added .rlt class to the css file, after that you can modify bootstrap-rtl file by adding .rtl class name before every thing :smiley:



Thank you for your comment, could you share your bootstrap-rtl or send pull request to be supported out of the box :wink:


i want to ask if you finished the translating to arabic and if you can share it