Asterisk VoIP CRM Integration

I know Odoo has several connectors that provide Asterisk integration. Is there any interest in integrating this with ERPNext?

A general idea would be creating a connection to Asterix with ERPNext.

Existing Customers: When existing customer calls, a popup with customers name appears. Option to take call, decline call or push back to call queue could appear. When call is taken, some other options could be displayed such as open the customer account details to log all information against the customers account relating to the call and another button offering to transfer the call in case another member of staff needs to deal with the customer.

Unknown Number: With this option, if a new telephone number calls an option to take call, decline call or push back to call queue could appear. When the call is answered, an option to create a new contact or lead can appear. Like with existing customers there should be an option to transfer the call at this point if the call needs to be transferred to a different department.

Both options could provide general information about the call that can be saved to a particular customer or lead such as the unique call log reference, caller ID, user that took the call, length of call, date and time time of call and even a recording of the call if enabled.

Another option that can be provided is click to call from the CRM in order to initiate the call directly from the ERP.

There are many other options that can come out of this including automated order or status checking if more extended development is done.


It’a great idea , one of reason so many people like odoo because it’s integrated with asterisk .

Better to integrate a softswitch like Freeswitch than a pbx like Asterisk due to latency and performance reason.

i don’t think so you can not find much small or medium business using softswitch , mostly they use different brand of ip pbx base on asterisk .

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Till their communications throttles. Later they pay a big price for not adopting something like freeswitch. Better safe than sorry, imho.

I have written a module (client/server) to integrate Asterisk with any CRM via ARI interface.
The code is at : Javascript/SocketIoAri at master · phiphu2002/Javascript · GitHub


Amazing! What version of erpnext did you test it with?

Hi @Quang_Phu_Phi… Nice module, Is there any documentation on how to install this module in ERPNext?

Hello, i did not test with ERPNext yet. However, this can integrate to any CRM. You can see the design document:
CRM Adapter module is written purely in javascript, which could be integrated to any website with litle code skills.



Can you integrate with ERPNext for a fee?
We can start a bounty for this


I am also interested in this implementation! Even for a fee!

You were accomplishing this

I am still interested in it

But are we having enough parties interested in co-funding this

You can use this for your reference:

And please give us your feed back


How to use ipbxmanager module, please add some documentation/information.

Can you guide on how to integrate it? Kind of new here. Just a quick overview would do the trick.

Download it in bench folder and install through bench command

Error in Adding New SIP server
hi please share you views on version 13 beta
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/ipbxmanager/ipbxmanager/ansible/hosts2.yaml
freeswitch bsnl FTTH STATIC VoIP Route SIP Server

Request from your side

i don’t have that path

i have …/bench/erpnext/apps/

how to add this in app folder

the link give error

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Please assist with updated link. This throw 404