Attendance Module - Biometric Device Integration

I see a lot of activity around integration of Biometric devices to record attendance. This is a very important feature for everybody and I think all of us need to collaborate and make this a core feature of the module. Almost all my current clients would need this in some form or the other so I am happy to get my clients to contribute to this module.

Please respond and indicate:

  1. If you are in the process of developing (either directly or through a service provider) something in this space. If yes, please indicate what are you working on and how somebody like me can help and/or get involved
  2. If you think that this is something that you will need .AND. you are happy to contribute (please indicate if your contributions will be in terms of money, thought or time
  3. If you think that this is something that you will need but cannot contribute to the development process
  4. If you already have developed something in this space. If so, please share details and how the community can leverage what you have created.




Hi @JayRam we are currently designing this [Community Development] Barcode camera scanner and integration - #3 by rmehta, which i reckon, can be extended to the biometric device

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You have visualized something that I am unable to. But glad to merge these two projects together if you think there are synergies and significant overlap.

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A link I repeat to post when fingerprint scanning/attendance comes up

Inspiration how Odoo world has approached this

This is something my company will need and would potentially contribute financially to.

Dear All,
One of my friend has made an attendance device which can be used for marking attendance along with photo of person. The device is equipped with Rechargeable Battery facility which keeps system running in case of power failure and also makes it portable. There are LAN & Wi-Fi connectivity options available. In case of connectivity issues, the device stores data offline. It is not bio-metric device. Privilege cards can be used for marking attendance.

Privilege Card: This is an electronic card which needs to be tapped to the Device to register attendance. The size of the Privilege card is like of a debit/credit card. It can be even act as ID Card in any organization.

As this device supports integration with any 3rd party software. So we are integrating it with ERPNext and implementing attendance marking system for our organization (Indictrans). Once card is tapped to this device, attendance details will be captured in ERPNext System. Then we can generate any reports as per our requirement.

Additional Features of Device:

  • SMS Alerts directly from Device
  • Offline Storage
  • Photo Capturing Mechanism
  • etc.

Kanhaiya Kale


Hi Kanhaiya, We are currently looking for such an integration/device, would you be kind enough to give more information in regards to this ?

Yes definitely, I can provide information. Let me know what details you will be required.

We can even connect over skype kanhaiya.kale.

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Hi, Thank you I’ll definitely get in touch.

Dear All,
Please find attached device photo. Dimension of device is 16 x 16 x 3 Centimeters. Let me know if any query.

Kanhaiya Kale

I’ve been trying to get in contact with you, kindly email me at mwangiclaudio (at)

You can integrate the biometric machine into your ERPNext application directly, without the need of any computer or desktop software. CAMS provides the various biometric machines which can communicate with your hosted ERPNext application, where whenever an attendance gets registered in the machine the erp application will be called instantly. Please refer the API Documentation for more details…

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Hi Ranadheeran!
I am new to ERPNext and task given to me is to integrate ERPNext with ZKTeco Device. What should i do, I should create a new application and show all the data from ZKT to that new app or what ? please guide me…!

I am working on similar solution. Ihave .net based app to connect with the machine and take data from it, then this will push data in ERP in the attendance doctype. I am customizing this doc type to receive buiometric data


Hi Sibghat,

Test your zkteco device in and confirm, if your device is success. If it is success, we can support our web API for integrating your machine with you ERPNext application. As part of API implementation, you need to expose an URL from your ERPNext application and should handle the incoming parameters for recording the attendance. Once URL is exposed you can contact for activating the API to your machine. Once activated, all the attendances given in the machine will be posted to your URL on real time basis. You can refer Biometric Web API for Time and Attendance System | BioAPI | Cams Biometrics to understand the parameters to handle and it is related information.