Authorization Request

This is my URL “ openid&response_type=code&redirect_uri=”, but this URL does not take take me to login page. Why?

Somebody can check this URL, if it is correct? Because it is not working.

Change it to openid&response_type=code&redirect_uri=


Note: �Բ��������ʵ�ҳ�治���� ��ת����ҳ���� should be an REST API endpoint on your server which will receive the Authorization code and requests token endpoint with the received auth code.

No, it is still not working. Is that Authorization Request URL is correct? Because till day before yesterday it was working and i found from yesterday it is not working. Please can you check it what is the reason? May be you the API is changed.

Frappe Cloud will work on V7

Frappe Cloud will work on v8

Revant_one, thank you. But why ERPNext is changing their API?

Hi Revant_One,
I have another question;
This “Frappe Cloud” authorization request URL works, but this “” authorization request URL does not works. Why?. In the first authorization request URL i have also added application “eshop” after http and it works, but problem is other user cannot login. Only the user with email this account can login. But i want that every user can login.

All the system users and website users hosted on will be able to login. won’t allow your client app and users. It is separate from

Thank You. Is there is any way how we can create authorization process for all (global) users?

No, right now there isn’t any way you can add client in

Thank you.

I have another question;
What are the scopes that i can pass. And what happen if i leave defaults scope “all openid”?

Refer this post for details about scope