Auto email daily report. Default filters need a date set

I’m trying to use the auto-email report function for “Daily Timesheet Summary” report. I have my default outgoing email account and permissions set up. Using “Download” and “Send Now” work perfectly. (permissions and email settings are fine)

The issues are:

1: I haven’t received anything since setting it up a couple of days ago (no errors in log)
2. The filter dates aren’t dynamic (daily), so a blank value for From Date, or To Date generate an error.

I can’t tell if the report will ignore the dates set here unfortunately because I can’t get it to generate an email yet.

Touching on the reporting features and dynamic dates again, is there a reasonable way to introduce a report time picker? Giving the option of Static (current) or Recurring, which would then provide a short list like every x days, starting on day of week (m-f) or day of month (1-30,31)

GitHub issue has been started by somebody else regarding this. Hopefully replies will be concentrated there. Though I still have issues with any emails being sent via auto email

Can you check you email queue, if they are stacked there?


Did you also check your spam folder? Sometimes, email spam filters get edgy :slight_smile:

Regarding dates, I can tell you right now that they are static, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of auto-emailing reports! I also created an issue for this:


Is Dynamic Date filter fixed?

There also one issue, we need to set dynamic filter for user, like assigned to used in todo will get email with only todo assigned to them. Is there any fix?

Still nothing done !?

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Looks like no solution yet. If I’m wrong please post a solution to close this thread.

With all the ailing reports I propose this V11 Error - General Ledger (Other reports) - due to 'comma' in party name - #17 by bwolpin