AUTO-REPEAT is not working -- any way to test, view logs, or debug?

Really problematic that the smallest frequency of Auto-Repeat is “daily”. This waiting window makes testing very difficult. I’ve submitted a feature request to resolve: Auto-Repeat TEST MODE (minutes frequency) - would be useful for testing undocumented on_recurring() function. · Issue #13460 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Anyway, currently it seems that my auto-repeat is not working at all…

I have the following set up:

It shows the next schedule date is yesterday:

But the reference document copy was NOT created by auto-repeat. So far auto-repeat has not been able to create anything.

Is there some place we can verify logs for auto-repeat and verify that it’s running?

ok I found it…

Awesomebar > Error Log List

Look for “Auto Repeat Document Creation Error” type of errors…

I see the following error:

So apparently “required by date” must be adjusted for it to work.

It would be nice if someone who knows about auto-repeat code were to help answer question here:

because if we knew how to use auto-repeats on_recurring() feature, I think we could probably add code within that function to adjust “required by date” to = transaction date in example of this error above.

Just following up…

Auto-repeat is still not working.

My test doc type is “purchase order”

I am expecting auto-repeat to create new DRAFT Purchase Order (daily) based on my reference_doc, but nothing is happening.

The first time it ran, there was an error in the log that the required_by date (of the referenced purchase order) was in the past, but this was resolved. So now it is just not working.

Similar issue

You can check sales_order & sales invoice for using on_recurring feature

I’ve checked both and there is nothing in server script for either. Where would I see how on_recurring is used for these?

It’s called from auto repeat. You can define on_recurring on intended doctype and do some adjustment, e.g. setting reqd date in PO