Backup and Restore Problem/Malfunction/possible bug

I’d like to report a malfunction/error or a possible bug. I am running ERPNext v13 production on self hosted system.

A few days ago, I went through these steps:

Created backup with files of my site. No changes made after taking backup.
Downloaded those backups to my local computer.
Clean wiped the server, reinstalled OS, and ERPNext manually.
Set up new site (same name as it was earlier)
Restored full backup with files.

Everything was looking fine until I witnessed some anomalies.

Some changes I had made before taking backup were lost after restore.
Some of my employees reported lost Expense Claims.

The backups erpnext uses are just raw sql dumps, generated by mariadb with no processing by erpnext. It’s hard for me to think of a mechanism by which random records would be lost. Were the missing records all more recent that the records that remained?

The missing records were recent. Those were created before taking backup. I guess within the last 30 minutes before taking backup.

I understand these are just sql dumps and I expected no data loss to occur. Luckily there were very little activity before backup and loss were a few recent entries.

It looks like entries may be done after backup and user may not remember exactly at what point of time they done entries.

Not only employees, even I had made some entries and edited some settings before backup. Although it looks unbelievable, I lost some data. There could be something going on behind. Take my another thread for reference.

There are definitely some malfunctions or anomalies. Or, it could be possible I have done some things the wrong way.