Backup and restore

Iam running erpnext on windows using Vm
I have gone through the settings of dropbox and have created an app
entered the app access and secret key
but still there are no backups in the folder
how do I set this right

I have accessed the files using FileZilla
any chance I can take a back up through FileZilla
Thanks and regards

do you setting accept permission in your dropbox for that folder backup?

Thanks for the reply
How do I check the same

Thanks komsel2228
I figured it out
its working now

can you guide me as to how I can restore backups
iam running on windows with vm

do you want to restore your backup?
frappe-bench$ bench --force restore path_backupfile

Hi komsel2228
Thanks for the reply
the backup is there in dropbox
erpnext is already running and is live ( using for production)
I have a scenario where I have to run this on a different pc
I will install vm and run erpnext on the new computer
from here… how do I ?
get the backup from dropbox and start using erpnext on the new machine
Thanks again


Check following link for the help on how to restore backup in the new ERPNext account.

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a. wget your dropbox file (your backup erpnext) to local_different_pc
b. run use bench restore to restore from your backup.

Thanks komsel2228
wil it restore my pdf files as well
I have put images and pdf specs for all my items
is the procedure like this…
download dropbox backup to local pc
then restore it using bench command
cd frappe bench restore
is the above syntax correct
thanks again for your valuable time

a. take backup with files, use bench backup --with-files
b. wget your backup in dropbox to local
c. restore use bench restore.

Iam using the following command for bench restore
cd frappe-bench
bench restore h:\erpnextsqlbu
but it returns an error…invalid path {0}h:erpnextsqlbu

what could be wrong
please help

Paths are relative to sites folder.
For the file frappe-bench/sites/site1backup.sql.gz, restore command is

bench restore site1backup.sql.gz

Hope it helps

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Dear faztp
thankyou for your time
could you please clarify the following
i am running erpnext through vm box on windows
i have configured dropbox to take backups
recently after an bench update, my login failed
i have now downloaded a fresh copy of erpnext.ova
i have finished configuring erpnext
i have backup of erpnext (that is .sql file) in my local disk H:
how do i restore
i tried bench restore h:\erpnext\backup.sql
its shows invalid path
please help me
thanks again

i connected the file thru filezilla
transfered my .sql file to backup private folder
then i ran bench restore with path
it ran the restore
but i get an error " exception database d5xxxx alredy exists
how to resolve this

Would this apply in your case?

This may help too :wink:



You already have database with the same name.
Rename or delete it before you process with the restore.

Hope this helps.

This below post 12th column saved my day

lots of thanks to everybody and specially to clarkej
it worked flawlessly

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