BACKUP ! and restore

How do you reliably do a fail safe backup of ERPnext (and a restore, if computer gets destroyed) with it running on windows 10 and virtualbox deployed in a commercial environment. 100% reliability is an ABSOLUTE must.

I am sure that, whether you search this forum for terms backup and/or restore,
… you’ll find what you are looking for. Tried it?

i did in the help file


If you are using Virtualbox there are a few options

  1. Create a snapshot regularly of the VM
  2. Copy the entire VM to an external drive
  3. In the event anything happens you simply re-import your VM to Virtualbox

If you wish to back up ERPNext itself:

  1. The system already does so and you can find the files in Settings > Download backups
  2. If you wish to do your own backups, you can use the bench command for that
  3. If you wish to do you own scheduled backups couple the bench command with a cron job
  4. The Bench command also does the restore side as well and you can find all the commands here

Hope this helps


@westerni: in addition to what @saidsl advised, you may want to review the following forum threads for more tips/tricks/workarounds

I hope it may help.

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