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Hi I found an article for backup erpnext in here Backup & Restore - #2 by revant_one it is say that there is 2 backups one for database and one for files. I ran the command and try to copy the backups but I only found the database backup. Is this happened because I only used it as a production and not in the server which many computer connected to the erpnext? If this not the case, what is the files actually?


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The command for backup database + all files:

bench --site backup --with-files

It backups all files relatives with your site.

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It show error with this description
Error: no such option: --with-files


Try this then:

bench backup --with-files

or precisely the previous command:

bench --site XXX backup --with-files

Some more clue and/or advise:

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It works like a charm @krnkris, so basically I got 2 backup files, is that correct? One with name local files and one with the name local private files?



Yest those are your files relative to the directories.

If you restore some time have to give read/write rights to these, to let ERPNext handle it.

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