Batch Number Uniqueness

We need to track unique batch numbers on a per item basis. Two different items can have the same batch number. Is this possible to set up in ERPNext? When we try to do this, a uniqueness exception is shown even though the item is different.

Thank you!

@jai_kejriwal unfortunately batch numbers have to be unique for a set of items. What is your use case?

Basically, we have three different tea estates that produce different
products. However the quality changes from batch to batch. Batch numbers
are reset annually with the beginning of each financial year. Also, two
estates can produce the same batch number but are distinguished based on
the name of the estate.

We are trying to figure out how to map our use case to work with ErpNext.


Estate1 UK BP 123,
Estate2 UK BP 123,

Here estate name is the brand or mark, UK BP is the product, batch number
is 123.

Hope that helps.

Why not make it explicit?

We are thinking of creating a new Tea DocType which will have all the relevant fields and we will link to the appropriate instance of Tea in the Item DocType to enable stock maintenance and tracking. Thoughts?

@jai_kejriwal worth a try! But call it Tea Batch or something more explicit.