Bench Manager API

Hi, I found a topic in this forum:
Create site with bench manager via api - Frappe Forum

But seems nobody answer it.
I’m looking the same solution about this.
I want to be able to create a new site using bench manager API. is it possible?

Source code of bench manager GitHub - frappe/bench_manager: Frappe app for managing bench

You can also check GitHub - frappe/agent: Works with and GitHub - frappe/press: World-class cloud hosting for the Frappe stack

If you are looking for custom SaaS / PaaS with Kubernetes, check and I created it from Help us build the PR Review System

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hi, thanks for respond revant_one

I just knew about frappe/press , is there any further documentation about it?
something about how to play around with frappe press.

And thanks for the link to custom SaaS, definitely will look at it. For now, so appreciate if you can give insight about frappe press. Thanks

Anw, I’m hosting my erpnext instances on my own linux server.