Bench Manager on Azure VM

Hi all,

I just installed bench manager on a VM I set up with frappe bench ERPNext the site works fine, and installation for bench manager came trough fine. But I don’t know where to run the bench manager since all the discussion on it show to loaded on the local hosts and all I get is a public IP form Azure to access the server.

Can anyone help me out with this please?



Inside of the vm in the /home/user/frappe/frappe-bench folder if you installed it with easy install

as far as I understand the matter the bench manager is being accessed and used through a grafical interface in a browser just like ERPNExt.

So I think what @camendezc wants to know under which IP addresse the bench manager GUI can be accessed in his Azure environment (which I don’t know the answer to)

That is right @vrms, I did the easy install and created a site folder named bench-manager.local but no aditional configuration to nginx config file for me to run the site on the browser to access from internet to azure server public address.

Thanks for the replys


I guess this may give you some ideas how to go about this.

I assume you may have to setup up “Port based multitenancy” in order to get this on the road.