Bench not start

hello folks,
while i’m start bench…it-s stop …i have attached screen-shot of it please help me on this

That was solved here…

it’s not working
have u anyother solution

You have addresses which are in use, so it might be as simple as stopping the services and restarting them. Try this…
lsof -ti:11000 | xargs kill -9; lsof -ti:12000 | xargs kill -9; lsof -ti:13000 | xargs kill -9

It seems like you have a redis/socketio problem, but it is difficult to guess. Can you check your log files for redis/socketio.
Often reinstalling nodejs helps with socketio, but I am only guessing without more info.

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did you try

bench serve --port ?

After this aa step…erpnext is uninstall…have u any solution…?

bench update --reset
and then
bench migrate

after run bench update --reset
got an error…that show in screen-shot

It looks like you are running the install as yourself. There are permissions errors.
While there is nothing wrong with this if you are experienced, there might be script problems that you don’t know how to fix. I recommend that you create a new user so that it is standard, and easier to troubleshoot.

Create user frappe and then login as that user and reinstall in /home/frappe

i also create new user but still it’s not working…

Have you installed the required software?
The message indicates that you don’t have git installed

i’m using this site for installing erpnext…