Bench --site [sitename] backup fails silently

Hi Team,

bench --site [sitename] backup fails silently. Creates an empty database backup. The site is working fine. the database is accessible. add --verbose does not give any more information. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @nehaldamania,

Please check it.

What do you mean by this? Can you check the file backup size and also any worker logs for error. You can find it in logs/worker.error.log

worker.error.log shows no error. The sql backup file is blank. The command used is
bench --verbose --site all backup --with-files
The files get backed up properly. Only the database backup is blank. There was one issue I found, Backup creates empty database · Issue #1089 · frappe/bench · GitHub. However, we are using version 12 of erpnext and bench version is 5.8.1.