Bench update skips certain apps

I have two custom apps and ERPNext running on one of my installations. When I run bench update --reset, all but one app are updated. I see the message Skipping reset for app XYZ for this particular app. I have installed it multiple times and continue to see the same error.

All apps are pulled from git - both custom apps come from the same Gitlab instance with https auth.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there any additional logging I could look at to decipher the issue? Or is there a way to force an update - couldn’t figure out from the command line options?

I can confirm that the following works:

  • git pull in the app of interest
  • bench migrate once git pull is completed - this takes the updated Doctype JSON files and applies the necessary DB migrations.

Is there by any chance a excluded_apps.txt file under the sites folder with the name of the app in it?