Bench update - v12 update fails trying to applying a v11 patch rename_production_order_to_work_order

I’ve tried to do a bench update on branch version-12-hotfix with the comand:
bench update --reset I’ve used --reset because I’ve done some modifications on files.

After running the command, it applies two patches and then I got the following error:

Executing erpnext.patches.v11_0.rename_production_order_to_work_order in <site_name>(<db_name_hash>)
rename_field: work_order not found in Timesheet

Also the site goes in updating mode, trying $ bench set-maintenance-mode off does not bring it back.

Searching some forums I see that this patches is not necessary for v12, is there a way that I can ignore this patch while doing bench update?

Or just bring the site back, I think that the unfinished update that broken it.

Please someone can help me with this issue?

@clarkej @rmehta @Tropicalrambler

It is considered extremely rude and disrespectful to tag/name people in your post. In particular, you have tagged John Clarke - who, very sadly is no longer with us.
Please refrain from doing this in the future

Sorry for that, I’ve done because no one answer the post, it’s extremely difficult to deploy the erpnext (I’m a developer), and I feel that the community doesn’t seem to be active, also you judge me by my action, but didn’t try to help me with the question, but ok, I won’t tag anyone again thanks.

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I did not mean to be judgemental - just respectful towards John.
I will try to help you if you send me all the details in a private message, but I am not a developer (I am a system setup guy)

Just for let you know.