Best practice to rename site1.local to

Hey there, I just installed a fresh version on my Digital Ocean CentOS 7 VPS.

I used the easy install script.

Last time I destroyed “everything” while I wanted to setup Letsencrypt and rename the default site.

Could anyone tell me how I can rename the site1.local to ?

All I did is set a A Record in my DNS to point to the VPS IP.

Do I have to change some settings on my server locally too?

Thank you very much!

This still works

If bench restart hangs,
sudo systemctl restart supervisor

And then retry

I tried this now but “bench stop” is not working.

I tried : sudo systemctl stop supervisor
but this is giving me:
Failed to stop supervisor.service: Unit supervisor.service not loaded.

How can I stop bench - just by killing the process with pid?


Just stop nginx will do

sudo service nginx stop

It’s mentioned in that link, please refer the last replies

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Thanks that worked great!

stopped nginx
mv site1.local
edit all the site1.local entries in the nginx.conf
bench restart
start nginx

Everything fine so far :slight_smile:


Usually I’ll just:

  1. Rename: mv sites/site1.local sites/

  2. Update Nginx: bench setup nginx

  3. Reload Nginx: sudo service nginx reload

This always works for me!