Best way to reset General and Stock ledgers

We are loving the new immutable ledger. We are about to launch ERPNext into production after a long time of customization and development (woot!).

Just as a sanity check with everything configured, we want to run a trial run. For this, we need to reset everything back to 0. With the immutable ledger, we cannot (thankfully) go delete all the test invoices created during design and development.

Do we need to go to each account and add a negative journal entry to set it to 0? Or is there a secret “nuke” button? The latter would be preferable :smiley:

Any help is appreciated!

Go to company list and open the company. After all the default settings you can see a button “Delete company transactions”. Please use the same to delete all the transactions together.

Worked like a charm! Just be aware it will also delete Pricing Rules (what I am currently redoing :sweat_smile:)

Yes. :smiley: It will delete all the documents where you have selected the company.

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Recommended method for moving from dev server to production is using fixtures under a custom app.

Reference: Fixtures...don't know what it is - #19 by Tropicalrambler

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