Biometric attendance integration

@revant_one Does ERPnext supports database integration for time and attendance?

Not directly, you have to create a custom app and make customization into Attendance to match your device data.

Hello Akshay,

Please check another thread which is explaining about the biometric integration.

You can also check Biometric Web API for Time and Attendance System | BioAPI | Cams Biometrics, which provides the ERPNext module with biometric integration (without the desktop support)

Make an excel macro to convert biometric device output in ERPNext format and upload it. Direct integration with erpnext db is not available.

Someone on this community is already creating such an integration, and they’re using Arduino or RaspberryPi hardware. Do a little searching.

can you send us the exact steps to integrate erpnext wise, we currently brought fingerprint machines from camsunit and we need some help on erpnext side thanks.or send us email

If you have purchased the CAMS devices, you could have got the API Monitor login which is cloud based admin panel, where you can configure your ERPNext server details. If you dont get one, please send mail to to get the details.

@ashish_capitalvia, In case you are still looking for Biometric Integration (or) for others still looking for information about Biometric Integration… ERPNext v12 has introduced ‘Employee Checkin’ to store the IN/OUT punches of the employee and ‘Auto Attendance’ to mark attendance from these punches.

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