BOM Cost for BOM with multiple currencies


I’m populating a BOM and using pricelists to track the prices of the Items on my BOM. My assembly contains Items from many different suppliers who are in many different countries with many different currencies.

I cannot have multiple currencies in a single price list, and I cannot have multiple price lists in a BOM.

How do I manage the costs of the BOM when I have this multiple currency/multiple price list situation?

Is there no-one else facing this issue?

How do you manage BOMs with part costs in multiple currencies? Is there something in the documentation which could help me understand the process and how I can work with it in the correct way?

Thanks for any pointers.

Hi fishter,

ERPNext assumes that while you work with multiple currencies, you have one currency in which you maintain your books of accounts.

So would it be okay for you to maintain your pricelist in one currency (the least volatile currency) and add Exchange Rates for the other currencies?

Or do you have a situation where you maintain different currencies in the same bank account? Or you maintain different back accounts in different currencies and you want to heek different components of the BOM in different currencies? If yes, you will have manage this by customizing ERPNext.

Hope this helps.



I’m going to maintain individual price lists, but when adding a new price for an Item I will add it to both my main currency price list, and to the Item’s native currency price list.

Did you find a solution for this issue?

hi; were you able to solve this problem

Hello, having same issue, i am using raw material and components in US$ abd MXN$, did you find a way around this?


Has there been any progress on this?
I added a feature request on github:

I trade in precious metal bullion (gold, silver, platinum etc.)
I have all products priced via price lists according to metal type. Silver products in the currency XAG (silver troy ounce) and gold products priced in XAU (gold troy ounce) etc. FYI: XAU and XAG are official currency codes for gold and silver bullion under the ISO 4217 currency code standard (and these should be added to ERPNext along with suitable FX APIs such as See: XAU to INR and or

I have manually added these currencies to ERPNext and also added their exchange rates against INR, USD, EUR etc.
I make sales in INR, USD, XAU, and XAG and other currencies…
I would like a way to add items priced in XAU, and XAG to a single sales invoice, pos ticket, purchase order, and any other invoice type document and then have the ERP convert the totals to the billing currency based on the set exchange rates; i.e. INR.

Currently this works with only one price list at a time. So when a customer is buying both gold and silver in one order, I would need to create separate invoices for a sale of gold and a sale of silver. This is a common issue that many people are having on the forums and there are probably some other Issue tickets that I missed about this functionality.

Here are some others who are also looking for this functionality in ERPNext: