BOM Upload Error in Version 5


Can anybody help me to upload the BOM in Version 5 downloaded from Version ERPNext: v4.24.4

I have tried every way and it still raising errors

Error for row (#85) BOM/820-000124/001 : Raw Materials cannot be blank.

This error I am facing for every row in the table.

Please help…

Can’t help without seeing what you are uploading.

@ruchin78 You cannot import PO, Invoice and BOM items from V4 to V5, because table structure is changed. In V4 you BOM items will be in column AE4, like wise in V5 it in CD4. You can verify this by importing the BOM from V4 and V5 and compare it. V5 has twice the number of columns and some of columns.

If the BOM is too big, then you copy the raw materials from V4 excel to V5 manually and upload it back. That is probably only solution I can foresee for you.

As I stated here, this problem is just with BOM module. The field “Raw Materials” does not exist as a standard field in the BOM module of erpnext v6.4.7, but is requested during data import.

I’ve tried to create a fake ‘Raw Materials’ field - the system allows me to create and make it non-mandatory, but during import the same error apears.