BOM using fractions or percentages

We work with recipe mixes. We buy raw material in bags (eg. 1kg, 20kg or 25kg) from our suppliers and kept at our main Store.

We mix eg. 3x “PreMixes” packs at our Lab - I’ll call them a,b,c. I have BOM(a,b,c) and have given them UOM of Nos/unit and they consist of various kg amounts. {Let’s say a+b+c is 3kg to make the maths easy}.
We send the (a,b,c)={3kg}, plus eg. 3 bags of materials (eg. A[1kg], B[20kg], C[25kg]) to a mixing warehouse, along with a recipe list. eg. Recipe eg. (1xa + 1xb + 1xc) + 0.5kg[A] + 15.5kg{B] + 21kg[C].

They mix this all together to make a total mix ~40kg. This is split into 40 x 1kg packs, and they send back those 40x1kg with 1x spoon in each, plus the leftovers A=0.5kg,B=4.5kg,C=4kg. The packets are returned to the main Store as FG. They are moved (Material Transfer) to the retail shop for sales(POS).

When I try to do the packet part, I need 1 packet, 1 spoon and 1/40 of the 40kg and a sticker, but the BOM rejects the fraction.

Is there another/better way?

How do I control the A/B/C returned materials? We mostly send full/whole bags, but sometimes they are also partial/fractions. eg. we may send 1 sealed bag(of 25kg) + 1 ~half bag of 11kg for a recipe needing 30kg and get back ~6kg.

I can give a more detailed example if that will help.


Check you UOM setup for your 40 KG. Make sure “Must be whole number” is not checked.

That should solve the rejection of the fraction.

Thank you! the fraction part works perfectly now.

Is there a common/recommended method for the second part?