Bounty - Fixing bugs and improving mobile experience of ERPNext [Now $250]

Hey @strixaluco that’s ok, I think that about one or two days for development and maybe one more
for testing should work, but about Cordova, maybe we should use some React Native or Ionic?? I can rebuild the app in React Native for some budget as well, if you want too. :slight_smile:

@marciogurka, I got it, thanks. Probably at this point we should wait until other involved parties share their opinions.

@OneiricIT @MichaelPinkowski, do you have particular preferences for some of the features in the phase 2? Or maybe some other features? It’s a pity that I don’t know the nickname of robgemmfg on this forum, in case they have account here at all.

@netchampfaris @Zlash65, could you please comment regarding the roadmap/plans for ERPNext Mobile? Will Cordova container be phased out soon and substituted with other tech? e.g. frappe/mobile-accounting or frappe/ionic

No special preferences from me. I was just trying to help get a Bounty project to completion.

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