Bounty: hourly attendance, hourly leave in HR :)

A system we developed is nearing its end of life at this moment, and often not giving the correct info for many reasons. Our current system connects to 2 biometric devices and gets all the check-in and check-out data using PyZK, which I believe ERPNext also recommends using.

We really need to replace our current system. Our employees are able to take hourly leaves, work half day in office and request for half day at a coffee shop with a client. And at the month’s end (on 24th) our system calculates your late minutes, your leave minutes and your overtime minutes. Everything in minutes.

Has anyone else implemented this on their system? Or willing to develop a solid implementation? We would really like to have this feature, and we’ll be glad to pay.

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I have done something similar with anviz attendance devices.

How similar…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We’re using ZKTeco devices, and they support PyZK. I’d really love it if you can show me a demo or something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please have a look at repo mentioned in this post

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can you notify us on the progress with this @iMoshi ?

I guess the first step was to make the Attendance in ERPNext fine grained as the Timesheet.
This is needed anyway but thus far it seems the pressure for this is not as big as to convince anyone to either write the code required or pay anyone to do so.

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Ahh gotcha, PyZK (GitHub - fananimi/pyzk: Unofficial library of zkteco fingerprint attendance machine) would work better for my situation.

It’s that “timesheet calculation” afterwards the finperprint log get imported that I’m looking for. Specially let employees take hourly leaves etc :slight_smile:

We’re on a same boat. Still looking :slight_smile:

Help me understand your requirements. I assume you will enter timesheet manually and then you want to incorporate it with attendance and calculate pays accordingly?

Thank you so much for responding Mohammad.

We’re trying let employees just press their fingers on biometric devices when they come to work, and let PyZK get that data certain times a day and send it to ERPNext. ERPNext then logs it, see if it’s the first time for the employee for that day, if yes, take it as “check-in time”, if last, take it as “check-out” etc… At the end of the day, calculate how many hours the employee has worked, see if the employee was late, or has overworked etc.

However, if the employee is late, check for approved leave requests for the late time.

Then, at the end of the month, calculate how many hours the employee worked, how many hours the employee was late, and see if absent minutes have corresponding leave requests and print a big and calculated “salary minutes” or something that makes sense for both the employee and the HR manager.

I have process diagrams somewhere on my external hard drive, I can provide them as well if needed :slight_smile:

And please feel free to ask further questions :slight_smile: Thank you again!

Hi I get your point. A separate doctype can be made to log these events into it and process shift policy according.
I have gone through PyZK. It is extensive and removes the need to run a seperate ZKT server. One approach is to use this package to get the attendance and generate logs accordingly.
Second is the connect ZKT devices with the official server app and use any database it supports. Extract data from that database use it accordingly.

Ahh, I was looking for ready-to-go DocType and some scripts accordingly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you though :slight_smile: