Build a new Interface for allowing user to make Data entry faster

I checked this DocType but could not understand as to what is going on here.

Can you please explain this is simple terms.


Thank you for putting together a working example. This has already got me started!

I have a few questions.

Q1. Will I be able to use all the features of DataTable here like being able to add search boxes in each column, record pagination, Column sorting, etc.?

Q2. As the UI that I want to build is quite complex, will I be able to use html tags to define it and bind it to frappe.ui for validation of user input, etc.?

I will eventually discover how things work but your experience is more then mine so your inputs will prove to be invaluable for me.


There are no constraints imposed by Frappe. I’m not especially familiar with the DataTable library, but the docs seem to suggest that you can include filters and sorts.

Do you mean frappe-ui, the Vue library? I don’t know much about how that library works yet, so I really couldn’t say. You can certainly use Vue, though, and I would definitely recommend that for anything non-trivial.


Probably I am not able to explain my question. let me try again.

It would be easy for a developer to use pure HTML tags like <div>, etc. along with appropriate CSS styles to create a custom page layout.

Now once the layout is created it would be necessary to interact with user at various levels like show them a Modal dialog or Confirmation dialog or validate that data entered by user on the page, etc.

For such interactions will it be possible to leverage the power of frapp.ui by linking it to the HTML tags defined in the page?