Bulk upload image files in Zip-Archive

Super! Thank you for your contribution, @osya. Are you going to pull request upstream?

As a follow up — I have just received reply from official support, in which it’s said that ERPNext cannot offer SFTP/SSH login to hosted clients because other accounts are hosted at the same server.

@kolate_sambhaji, how do you make bulk upload as a hosted client?

@strixaluco You can ask them to upload files for you when you are sending first time db restore request.

@kolate_sambhaji Unfortunately, the reply from official support stated that they can’t upload files for me. @osya @rmehta, is there something I can help with to make the bulk image upload patch got merged to upstream?
Thank you.

Pull request created: Bulk upload image files in zip-archive by osya · Pull Request #1664 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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Thank you, @osya.
Travis is showing that test_link_count didn’t pass.

@jerome76, @rmehta said that File records should be created for the un-zipped files (Bulk upload image files in zip-archive by osya · Pull Request #1664 · frappe/frappe · GitHub). Could you discuss it with @rmehta and make a decision? Thanks

I recommend not adding File records. This can and should be done by csv-file-import. In case of Thumbnails, there is no direct file record and because of this it is better to add the file records separately through csv-file-import.

DocType:    File 
Column Labels:    ID File Name    Is Private    File Size   File URL           Thumbnail URL              Is Folder    Attached To  
-                    200001.png   0             0           /files/200001.png  /files/200001-small.png    0            Item    200001

I think we should create file records, other wise the documents will not be discoverable.

How should Thumbnail URL images be treated? If I upload 2 images (1.png and 1-small.png) for 1 item (1 image and 1 Thumbnail image), how should the File record(s) look like? Two File records? I could modify the File record for 1.png afterwards and add the 1-small.png to Thumbnail URL for file record 1.png.
Should the File Record 1-small.png be deleted manually?

This is meant for bulk-uploading during intial configuration, in order to upload many images.

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I added File doctype creating for Bulk Uploading in the https://github.com/semilimes/frappe/commits/bulk_upload

I second @jerome76’s question regarding creating file records on export — what if there are several images, that should be related to the same record? And not even thumbnails, but, for instance, pictures from different sides of an item, which is really useful sometimes.

Dear developers, is there any progress on the bulk image upload?

Dear @osya and @jerome76, are you still willing to proceed with the development of the bulk upload? Would you please provide some brief summary of the process? Thanks a lot.

Dear @strixaluco,

@osya implemented the feature a long time ago and also included requirements by the ERPNext team. You can find the implementation here https://github.com/semilimes/frappe/commits/bulk_upload

Unfortunately we do not decide what functionality goes into ERPNext so we cannot commit the change by ourself, the ERPNext-Team decides what will be included and they need to merge/include the functionality.

Kind regards.

Thank you for reply, @jerome76.
Yes, I’m aware of this repo, but I can’t find corresponding pull request at the upstream frappe branch, only #1664, which @osya closed, as there was no DocType creation functionality.
@rmehta, can you please tell if this feature can be implemented?

Can multiple images be uploaded and then displayed for an item. This would help display more than one default image on my website?

Writing to inform community, that the bulk image upload feature is currently being developed by Indictrans Tech. Details of implementation will follow up soon.
@suryanamha at the moment you can’t upload multiple images at once, only one by one.

PR created: added Bulk Upload from zip file feature #2055 by sbkolate · Pull Request #2062 · frappe/frappe · GitHub
Pull Request - Upload Zip File (Bulk Upload)

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This link is not open please check it