Buying material and emailing Supplier

I have created my supplier list and added the email and contacts.
I have done a material request and once approved i have created the Resquest for Quotation and added the supplier.
Saved and the email was sent to the supplier but the link created from my server is with the internal IP and not the external.
How to change that?

This also happens when creating new users and emailing them to access the link and reset their passwords.

There has to be at least one default outgoing account and one default incoming account. If you are on the ERPNext cloud, the default outgoing email is set by us.
Please refer the link to learn more on setting up email accounts.

Hope this helps.

@ArundhatiS thanks for this but I have this setup done already… What I mean is that when the email is sent to the client the link created is with the local ip of the server. How to change to my external ip?

Submit your quotation
And the hyperlink is

Please check help on how to setup etc host/domain for your ERPNext account.