Can i start using ERPNext midway through my financial year?

Hello. I want to gradually move my company from Odoo to ERPNext. My financial year begins in January 1st through to December 31st. Is it feasible to simply take my half year reports (trial balance, debtors list, creditors list, stock balances) as at 31st June 2022 feed them into ERPNext and begin “catching up” data to bring it to date and launch the system?
Is this feasible? What should i watch out for?


There is no reason why you can’t do that.
Just watch out for the posting date of every invoice, GL, payment entry, etc…
Also figure out naming series for all documents as you don’t want the “catching-up” data to have higher series than the current ones (as they date older).
Edit: remember to close your financial statements for previous years.

For manual import of old data, this might help you make the process faster. Otherwise use the data import tool whenever possible.


@Yuda_Muyinza It would be interesting for many people know the reasons that drives you come to ERPNext from Odoo.

Thanks and sorry for offtopic.

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It’s more to do with the feeling of “completeness” ERPNext as an Open Source product gives. A sense that it works right out of the box for the whole organisation and help/support is available. Don’t get me wrong Odoo is great and has been around but the amount of time, trial and error it takes trying to find out what/which Odoo app will best suite a businesses environment ends up being costly and frustrating. PS: this is my opinion so highly subjective.

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Thank you for this and the pointers.