Can we get upgraded version of VM?

I’m still learning, and facing some issues with the virtual machine. Issues are something like when we update bench then some tables are missing.

Currently, VM comes with v8 of ERPNext and I think, it’s last updated on February 2017. And since then, there are lot’s of enhancement and featurization in Bench, Frappe and ERPNext as well. So, can we also work on VirtualBox again?

As, I don’t have any past experience with VM, just downloaded .ovf file from If someone will help me to upgrade vm, I’m happy to contribute.

I recently downloaded development and production versions of ERPNext from where they were both dated October 10, 2017. ( note: http:// not https:// )

The production version built ok and properly operated a 9.0.2 version which I was then able to “Bench upgrade” to the most recent version under guithub(master) version of erpnext.

(The development version built ok but I could never get a browser to display a page.)

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Hello @rwp, as per your suggestion.

I downloaded new .ova file, and imported it on VM. This time, I tried bench update and it works seamlessly with the new version(v9) ERPNext and Frappe. Thanks for that.

Now, I’m seeking for knowledge. Please help someone here.

At VM, if I try to access .bench file, it’s not accessible, while on the server it’s accessible. Is there any difference between these? also want to know more about .bench directory, and it’s importance.

At VM:

and at Server:

root@ip-xx-xx-xx-xx:/# cd /home/frappe/.bench/
root@ip-xx-xx-xx-xx:/home/frappe/.bench# ls
bench           docs     requirements.txt
bench.egg-info  install_scripts  playbooks    vm


As far as my knowledge the VM has a different file structure. May this the reason you don’t find .bench in it.

Hope this helps.

I use exclusively the VM version so am unable to comment - what does your .bench contain?

Typically a ‘.’ file of directory contains program- and user-specific data, for eg .emacs .libreoffice etc