Can we print all the three gst copies (original, supplier, transporters ) in a single go?

Can we print all the three gst copies (original, supplier, transporters ) in a single go?
It’s an important feature of gst it’s also available in basic accounting software like busy.
It should be available in the ERPNext as it will make the software more efficient and helpful

cc: @Shubham_Gupta

@Nishank_Parashar, if you r self-hosted, print-node integration, allows you to define how many copies you want to print.

I also face the same issue. I am on SaaS version. Any way to do it?

@rishinikhil no support for SaaS rightnow

It is almost done here: ERPNext Sales Invoice Combined -
If you can help with Page Counters it would be complete. Still not able get page counter to reset for every new title.


The point to make here is that printing multiple copies of an invoice (2 in case of services, and 3 in case of goods) has always been a very basic requirement and there is strict enforcement especially since GST implemented in India.

Ofcourse, we all know it can be done in the form of a “customization”. But this is something that should work “out-of-the-box”.

As a user, we’ve recently begun implementing ERPNext for one of our newly formed companies and also planning to migrate other companies to ERPNext once the teething issues are done with. It was appalling to note that it took me a lifetime to figure out a way to print the 3 copies with different copy titles ({{doc.invoice_copy}}) and that too, one at a time, after changing the current set field in a dropdown every time.
That’s not intuitive and ERPNext-like, let me be clear.
[The truck kept standing with the material loaded and I was being shouted at over the phone, let’s keep that story for another day :sweat_smile: ]

As a potential service provider and evangelist, I see an immediate hassle that will discourage users on simple accounting softwares like a Tally or Busy from shifting base. Will end now leaving all of you to ponder over this.

Shubham Gupta

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anyone figured out how to invoice with muliple tax rate items without doing that “set to zero” and system will auto calculate.

system IS auto calculating but in printing the invoice, it shows tax breakup as a consolidated 0 rate amount which is wrong.

It is understandable that this is a basic requirement. However a lot of people are using the software without it. So seems like not such a hard requirement. There might be some work arounds. ERPNext can forever be improved. No doubt about that.

Here are some options for you:

  1. If you pay a programmer, this very basic requirements can be met. So pls. go ahead and do it. You can committ back the feature to the Core. And make it available for everyone. This is basically how open source works. If you want to drink Cobra beer at a FREE party you are invited to, bring a few bottles. Just saying.

  2. You can also create 3 seals. (original, supplier, transporter). Print as many as you want and put the seal on it. Its the same thing.

Finally, evangelism is a easy word but a hard road and a rather difficult life. Not a walk in the park. You need to believe first.

Good luck.