Can't access workflow properties

I want to use these methods but I get the following error on JS console (at a Doctype which has an active workflow).

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'get_default_state' of undefined
    at <anonymous>:1:22
(anonymous) @ VM261:1

Functions like frappe.get_doc work fine though. Where am I going wrong?

I would also like to know how can I access frappe.workflow.get_next_state

What is your use case? What are you trying to achieve?

@Sangram I’m trying to access the workflow properties (like current state, next state) for a given doctype.

you can access it directly - doc.workflow_state

I’m saying I need to access the workflow methods, not doc method.

doc.workflow_state is a variable which stores the current state.

How do I get the next state, aka use frappe.workflow.get_next_state

you can find next_workflow_state on validate event. on every workflow action, the document gets Saved.
So, you can capture Next State on validate.

Check this thread


Thanks for your help, marking this as solution :slight_smile: