Cant insert new documents from python scripts

Hi I tested this code

def build_todo():
todo = frappe.get_doc({“doctype”:“ToDo”, “description”: “test”})

it works and returns a valid name, but the todo does not show in todo module on the website.
Can some one please help me with this.

@YuaShizuki it’s not related with a internal user, because do you allow_guest, maybe you can force a user to create this, passing too, owner and modified_by as variables in the dictionary

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I don’t understand you.
I cant create a instance of a doctype that is visible on the website, ie I have to force the user to manually create this doctype, or am i missing something?

@YuaShizuki, Desk and WebSite are distinct things!

If you need show it in the WebSite, do you need do it by coding, not only allowing it by guest.

The frappe.whitelist(allow_guest) only allow a not logged user to create a todo.
To show it in the website, do you need create a template and a context to it be rendered for not logged users.

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No I want to show it in the todo list, on the desk. my above code does not work.
nor does this code works.
def build_todo():
todo = frappe.get_doc({“doctype”:“ToDo”, “description”: “Testicular Cancer”, “status”:“Open”})

@YuaShizuki, use bench console and put this in the console

for d in frappe.get_all("ToDo", fields=["*"]): 
    print d["description"]

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Yup I cant see them there either.
I only see

“push to github”

which I created manually.

Try after “insert” use frappe.db.commit()



Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate.

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