Case management?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been following ERPNext and evaluating it for my business but, even though I really like the spirit and some functionalities, it seems one of my biggest need isn’t done yet.

I am actually a bit confused to find the good name for this function in English. In my native language, I found few ERPs managing per “business” or per “case”. Maybe the best word would be project, but then it’s more project oriented like GANT and stuff like this, which I don’t need.

To sum up, here is what I’d like :

For each “case”, a reference number that will follow all along the process, from the first quotation to supplier quotation to actual sell and purchasing, to tickets, to file management (ex : technical datas) etc etc…

Please confirm : Is there any functionality or that would help me work that way on ERPNext ?

2nd : Is there any open source ERP working that way?

PS : My business is customized trading, so each sell requires a specific purchase, that’s why I need them to be linked.


have a look at

I don’t think the “RTFM” answer is going to help me here…

@bnic i think will help …and also have a look at videos and demo …

I already installed on local server and tested the system 1 week, that’s what I meant by “evaluating”, so the basic things I’ll see in videos and demo is far from what I already know.
I am looking for answers to specific questions… Sure the manual may answer, but as I don’t know what I’m looking for, how can it help !

Please read my post first.


i’m not understanding what u really need …as per ur first post seems ERPNext has all u need …but actually …what u really want?

Please tell me where to find the general view of a “case” where I can see all datas related to it ?

@bnic what u mean by general view of a “case”?

I would like to have a page for each “business” or “case”, where I can have a view of related quotations, invoices, tickets, files (like technical plans). It’s something that I believe exist for on demand manufacturing. But seems difficult to find on more mainstream ERPs. But IMO, it’s very helpful for any consulting or trading companies (no stock, buy to sell)

You could replace “case” by “project”, the problem is, most of project management modules in ERPs are oriented to tasks, pricing, and GANT, which is not what I want at all.

@bnic i can’t help you …i really don’t know what u mean by case …sorry

Check the reports available , you can create Sales Order, Invoices etc in the system. There are reports that give you this data like sales register etc. There is also Support module in CRM if you need to handle customer issues.

Look at that view, in French. This is a screenshot of ERP Dolibarr, when you create a project you have “list of related…” Sales orders, sales invoices, supplier orders, supplier invoices, and time management.
It means, one project has a reference number, and each order/invoices are “pinned” to that project. It is very powerful when you purchase specifically for projects, and not to stock (like a traditional commercial business).

I hope I made my point clearer :slight_smile:

@bnic have you looked at Project in ERPNext - it is linked to a lot of documents (not only task and timesheets)

@bnic Then I see no reason why the project function wouldn’t work. It’s got all of the related documents linked to it.

Well, I’m a bit confused.
I installed a local VM of ERPNext back in May, and on this version there’s not what I was looking for. Here is a screenshot I just made :

Now, same screen with the online demo I just tried again :

Wow what the hell… This is exactly what I want ! So I’m quite glad ERPNext includes it now, but I guess this related to a recent update ? Or am I missing something in settings ?

(I posted 2 times, because limited to 1 image/post)

I used to OracleVM Box installation, from

File Name - ERPNext-Production.ova.

It has the same screen and requirements as

Try reinstalling according to the manual.

I just updated from ERPNext v6 to v7 and found the function ! Just wow ! Good job to the team, with this new version, I can finally use ERPNext.

I had to use this post as I had an error to update :

And update node following this :

Anyway, thanks for help, your answers forced me to checked on new version I wasn’t aware of.

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